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Upko Komulakan secretary quits party

KOTA KINABALU 08/12/2012: Mcmanus Sing yesterday announced his resignation as the United Pasok Momogun Kadazan Dusun Murut Organisation (Upko) Komulakan Exco secretary.

He said he was quitting from the party as he has lost confidence in the sincerity of the Barisan Nasional to resolve several key issues relating to security, sovereignty and the state’s pride.

“We understand that several issues related to social development can be compromised as it involves having and managing a budget although we know that Sabah is rich in natural resources.

“But issues related to security, sovereignty and the pride of Sabahans can no longer be compromised.

“We cannot, not even a second, deny and turn a blind eye when foreigners can easily obtain their citizenship,”

he said.

He explained that the government had taken a step forward by setting up the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate this issue, but the people of Sabah are beginning to lose faith in the commission, and instead are now asking more questions.

“Sabahans are hoping for a full investigation into the issue, and we would like to know who are the masterminds who betrayed the sovereignty of the nation. But we believe that this will never be unveiled as it is not included in the terms of investigation under the commission.

“It shows that they are not interested to know who are the masterminds, which if they did, would bring justice for the people of Sabah,” he said.

So, Sing said, he believes that the basic thing to do would be to not associate with parties who are protecting the identity of these masterminds.

He made the decision to quit from the party after realizing that the situation are against Sabahans and believe that a paradigm shift is needed for the good of the current and future generations.

“It is hard for me to leave Upko as this was the first party I joined, and I have many good memories with my colleagues, especially those who were with me when we set up the Upko Komulakan in 2005, but I must stress that we need this change for a better tomorrow,” he said.

To date, he has yet to decide on joining other political party, but did not deny that he might be joining one of the coalition party under the Pakatan Rakyat to continue his political struggle.

When asked if any other members would be joining him, he said several others share his sentiments and are also considering to quit Upko.

“We will just have to wait and see as it depends entirely on them. I have no grudges against Upko and in fact, I would like to thank my colleagues in the party for their support and assistance … I wish them the best of luck,” said Sing.

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