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Long-delayed Taman Saujana Kinabalu project 85 per cent completed

RANAU 08/12/2012: Issues clouding the long-delayed Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad’s (SPNB) project here are finally being resolved, providing a long awaited relief to some 200 local home buyers.

SPNB in a meeting with the house owners here yesterday, announced that Taman Saujana Kinabalu, a project to build 258 units of affordable homes on a 40 hectares site about a kilometre from the town, could now proceed at an expedited pace.

He said this was made possible following a collaborative solution undertaken with the contractor involved, Syarikat Kumpulan Kemajuan KK.

The agency’s state director Mohd Hafiz Sua, said the contractor was committed to honour their contract and had taken a bold move to assume full responsibility over the project.

“We are still the licence holder but the contractor has basically taken over the project. It is a brave move as they now bear full liability and risk. However, by having ownership, they could now secure financing from private banks and be able to carry out the works that had yet to be completed,” he said.

Hafiz said the takeover was officially agreed in October and the project has progressed significantly since then.

According to him, works at the site were already in their final stages while related agencies had also started installing utility infrastructures to connect power and water to the houses.

Alex Lee, the managing proprietor of Syarikat Kumpulan Kemajuan KK, said the project is 85 per cent complete and they were targeting for full completion by April next year.

He told the owners that they should be able to move in soon after that, when all amenities have been properly installed and the necessary Occupation Certificates (OC) issued by the agencies concerned.

“The bank has visited the site yesterday and they were satisfied with the progress. They have agreed in principle to give us the loan and everything should be cleared by next month.

“In the meantime, we are using our internal resources to carry out works and once the bank draft has been approved, we would be able to increase the pace,” he said.

He explained that with the company now assuming full responsibility, the liability and pressure to complete the project speedily and in accordance with the specifications was now directly on them. He said this should assure the buyers that the contractor would do everything it can to deliver the job.

“Unlike when the financing was from SPNB, where every cent borrowed now had to be paid with interests, we obviously would want to finish the job and get the OC as soon as we can because the longer the project drags on, the higher the cost will be.

“This is not about making profit but we are duty-bound to deliver the houses to the buyers, and we want to do this while at the same time cut our losses,” he said, adding that they were looking to outsource RM7 million from the RM10 million still needed to complete the remaining works.

Lee, in answering questions from the buyers, also assured that all works will be done within the standards specified in the contract and the company will take full responsibility for any shortcomings or damages in every unit.

The late delivery compensation will also be paid out accordingly to the buyers after the project has been completed.

The project offers three types of single-storey houses, from low cost to low medium and medium cost units, with a price range of between RM65,000 and RM125,000.

Further information on units that are still up for grabs could be found at SPNB official web site or by contacting the appointed marketing agency, LB Realty, at 016-833 8666 (Eric Chong).



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