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Some forced to travel 100km for the RM500 aid

Keningau Feb 01, 2012: some villagers while grateful for the aid meant to help family heads with monthly income below RM3,000, said they are forced to travel far from home in order to redeem their vouchers.

Villagers in Kg Bariawa Ulu, Keningau, said it made no sense for the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) to allocate different districts as their BR1M redeem centres.

Sylvia Dainsi, 30, her mother Jarish Saman, 47 and Rohani Atin @ Jumain, 38 are among villagers from Kg Bariawa Ulu who were told to get their vouchers in Tambunan.

Sylvia said in order to get the RM500 aid, she had to take a bus to Tambunan, about 50 km away. Mahisah Salin, 34, whose permanent address is Kg Bariawa Ulu, was told by the LHDN to get her voucher in Sook, which is a different constituency from her residence.

JKKK Chairman of Kg Bariawa Ulu, Masidin Yulot said, the villagers brought up the matter to him because there are many who are not pleased with how LHDN conducted their dealings.

He said there are some who have to redeem their vouchers in Ranau, over 100km away. "This is like giving unnecessary problems to the villagers before they could enjoy the money, who are poor in the first place.

"For them to travel to those places, it means not only they have to make extra effort to get there, but they have to spend more money for transportation and others as well. We understand that the BR1M supposed to be a sincere gift from the government, and we are very thankful for that. But subjecting them to great inconvenience in order to redeem their vouchers is what they did not expect.

"We hope that the allocation of voucher redeem centres for villagers, especially in the interior will be arranged to the nearest centres within their constituency," he said.

In TONGOD: Tajimon Mustapah, 35, from Kampung Kenang-Kenangan Karamuak had to travel for two hours on a muddy highway.

Since his village is far away from Dewan Pekan Tongod, where the BR1M was given out, Tajimon left the house at 5am for Pekan Tongod by getting a lift on a four-wheel drive vehicle for a RM30 fare.

"BR1M is very meaningful to me because I will use it to buy goods for my six children and the house," he said when met after a ceremony to hand over BR1M for the Kuamut State Constituency, here, Tuesday.

A total of 711 people received the aid from Kuamut State Assemblyman Mansiung Bannah under Phase 1.

Mansiung said the disbursement of BR1M for the second phase for those staying far in the interior, would be done in the villages.

He said he had asked the Tongod District Office, Bank Simpanan Nasional and the army to deliver to the recipients staying deep in the district.

"I don't want BR1M recipients who stay in distant villages to be forced to spend a lot of money and to travel long distances to get the aid," he said.


Sabah CM Wants Smooth Distribution Of BR1M

KOTA KINABALU, Feb 1 (Bernama) -- Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman wants those involved in the disbursement of the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) to ensure it is done smoothly.

He said all the necessary measures should be taken urgently to ensure the comfort of those who come to receive the aid.

"We see that there is a huge number of people coming for the aid. So I ask all those involved, from the district offices to the elected representatives and banks to work together.

"I would like also to suggest that the banks involved provide more counters so that the people need not scramble or wait for a long time to receive their money," he told a news conference after chairing the weekly cabinet meeting here Wednesday.

He also said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is scheduled to visit Sabah on Feb 16-17 Feb. His itinerary will be announced later.

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  1. Pembukaan lebih banyak kaunter di bank adalah salah satu cara untuk melancarkan pengurusan penukaran baucar tersebut.

    1. Cadangan itu perlu dipertimbangkan.

    2. sokong..kalau banyak kaunter dibuka tiadalah lagi yang berhimpit-himpit@bersesak2.

  2. Harap pihak yang terlibat dalam pengagihan baucar BR1M ini akan cuba memperbaiki sistem pengagihan mereka.

  3. kena pastikan pengagihan bantuan berjalan lancar.

  4. perlu ada pengurusan yang baik bagi memastikan tiada masalah timbul.

  5. Hopefully all parties involved in the distribution of the BR1M will make take heed to what the CM said.

  6. Prime Minister knows about the people’s “economic illness” and he acts to address it

  7. important is that there must be cooperation from all concerned so that any problem relating to the BR1M distribution would be resolved

  8. Sudah pun orang susah, takkan nak susahkan mereka lagi? Pemberian BR1M perlu dibuat dengan sistematik.

    1. ada yang kata balik2 dipanggil untuk datang tapi akhirnya hampa sebab tiada baucer yang diberikan. jadi, pemohon kenalah semak nama dulu baru datang.

  9. So authorities should plan for distribution the aid BR1M to the receiver.

  10. badan pelaksana yang dipertanggungjawabkan dalam menjayakan program bantuan ini sepatutnya mempunyai perancangan sendiri bagaimana untuk memastikan program ini berjalan dengan lancar tanpa sebarang kesulitan..

  11. saya rasa CM sendiri perlu turun padang melihat bagaimana program ini berjalan.. bantuan seperti ini boleh dikatakan sia2 jika dicemari dengan aktiviti penyelewengan, penipuan, diskriminasi dan sebagainya..