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Things have never been easier for job seekers

25/11/2012: The new Ready4Work website literally prepares job seekers with A-to-Z skills in getting the jobs they want, including how to write their resumes and to stand out and impress in an interview.

A collaborative effort between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Talent Corporation Malaysia Bhd, the portal highlights some tough questions applicants might face during an interview.

It also gives basic advice like being early or on time for an interview; switching off your mobile phone during the interview and reading up on the company to show your interest.

It even tells job seekers that body language “the way you act, your posture and facial expression will reveal a lot about you” and this can “make or break” an interview.

When being interviewed, one should show confidence and speak clearly - neither too softly nor forcefully.

It is important, it says, to look the interviewer in the eye and not be afraid to smile when appropriate.

The website is so detailed that it tells you that if there is more than one person conducting the interview, you should look at and address the person who posed the question when answering, then glance at the others to include them after you have finished answering.

It also reminds job seekers to smile and thank the interviewers after the interview, and to follow up later by sending a thank you note to show how keen you are in the position.

There are also useful tips from experts on common mistakes that graduates make in their interview.

CIMB Investment Bank's Group Human Resource assistant general manager Theresa Fung said that fresh graduates demanding high salaries is unrealistic.

“We understand that they have worked hard for that university degree but do remember that while an academic qualification is important, experience carries more weight. It is the importance of experience that makes an organisation take the risk of investing time and effort to train graduates so that they can do the job well,” she added.

But she noted that there were some Gen-Ys who are willing to trade high pay for flexible, billable hours.

“This basically means they want more flexible schedules and a better work-life balance. Some companies may view this as a lack of commitment to the job, discipline and drive.

“Our advice is that if you are young, eager to learn the business, and if the job requires you to put in the hours, do so! Such an opportunity does not come often and putting in hard work and learning from industry leaders will pay off.”

Maybank's Hishamuddin Salleh who is with Resourcing Group Human Capital finds that graduates are too picky in the types of jobs they want.

He said that in today's competitive and dynamic world, graduates must be prepared to venture out and try new things.

Other common mistakes, he added, include not being appropriately dressed for job interviews and being arrogant or too playful.

There are also a number of short video clips on the portal by experts on how to make small talk to break the ice during an interview and what questions one should not ask.

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