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Water tanks maintained before body found

TAWAU May 14, 2012: The nine water tanks at Taman Sri Titingan were maintained before the decomposing body of a man was found inside one of them on Saturday.

Tawau member of parliament Datuk Chua Soon Bui, who contacted the management of the 500 units of the People’s Housing Project (PPR) yesterday,was told that the maintenance people had monitored the water tanks for the  past three days due to water rationing about one week ago.

She was informed that it was normal to make regular monitoring when water supply resumed due to the brown colour of the water in the tanks which was the cause of unclean water.

“The maintenance people had monitored the water until three days ago. It was estimated that the mishap only happened two days ago,” she said.

Chua said the incident had shocked the community in Tawau and also other parts of Sabah and called for calmness until the police have investigated and made public on the findings of the incident.

“I call on the Health Department to check and ensure the quality of the water supply to the residents is safe for consumption before the water supply is resumed. In the mean time, I hope the Water Department can assist to supply water to the area,” she said.

She also proposed to the Tawau Municipal Council to bar the area of water tanks from intruders to prevent such happening again, or any possible contamination of water tanks and supply.

The body of the man in his 20s was found about 9am on Saturday during an inspection of the water tanks.

Police went to check the tanks following complaints on water pollution from the residents at the squatter area.

The body was believed to have submerged in water for about one week.

District police chief ACP Ibrahim Bin Chin said preliminary investigations revealed that police did not find any injury signs on the victim’s body or any element of crime, thus the case was classified case as sudden death.

Meanwhile, Democratic Action Party (DAP) state publicity secretary cum DAP Tawau branch secretary Chan Foong Hin and Tan Lee Fatt (DAP Sri Tanjung assemblyman’s personal assistant) visited Taman Sri Titingan yesterday following exposure of case in the newspapers.

“It’s shocking for everyone when informed of such a terrible case that can happen to our drinking water source,” Chan said.

He said the welfare of PPR’s residents or low house housing scheme needed to be taken care of and any lackadaisical attitude was unwarranted.

“The local government must ensure a proper management system is set up for PPR residential areas. Complaints received from residents should not be taken lightly by housing management and should be entertained immediately,” Chan added.

“Stiff action must be taken on the current management team and should be replaced following their irresponsible action and slow response to the residents’ complaints. How the local government could appoint a management team that let the residents use contaminated water for two weeks without investigating the complaint?”  he asked.

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  1. perlu disiasat bagaimana mayat tersebut boleh berada di sana.

  2. I think the people who are using the water tanks must be grossed out.

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