Sabtu, Disember 15, 2012


Man shot in face while driving to plantation

KINABATANGAN 09/12/2012: Police are looking for the culprits who shot a motorist in the face here on Friday morning.

District police chief Deputy Superintendent Martin Lugu said the 48 year-old victim was in stable condition after being transferred to Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan from Kinabatangan Hospital, yesterday.

Martin said investigation was ongoing but nothing could be disclosed officially yet.

Last Friday at around 10am, the victim was driving to an oil palm plantation here with a passenger when they were ambushed by three or four armed men.

The victim reversed in an attempt to escape but one of the suspects opened fire with what is believed to be a homemade shotgun (bakakuk).

The weapon discharged nine clustered iron pellets which penetrated the Toyota Hilux’s windshield, hitting the driver in the face.

Unfazed by the shot, the victim continued reversing before driving off to a police station to make a report.

He was transferred to Duchess of Kent Sandakan on the same day for the pellets to be removed.


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