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AMIR SYED BIN ABDULLAH  941025127089 ---------------------

'Pakistani given MyKad never belonged to our kampung'

Keningau 13/11/2012: Three concerned locals here have lodged a police report in regard to a recent issue involving a Pakistani man allegedly having a valid MyKad here.

JKKK Chairman Kg Paganatan Laut, Steven @ Lahamin Wasibin, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) Sook Youth Chief Kahirin Bador and a Pensiangan Umno Committee member, Hasipin Arinum @ Arinin, who lodged the reports at the district police station, called on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter.

Speaking to the reporters here on Monday, Lahamin said he was shocked to learn about the case through Facebook because the Pakistani's MyKad clearly shows that his address was in Kg Panagatan Laut here.

"As one of the elders in my village, I know every individual regardless of their age and in fact I do not know who is the man pictured on the MyKad that was shown in Facebook.

"The MyKad clearly shows the name of the individual as 'Amir Syed Bin Abdullah' with the number 941025-12-7089 and his face is clearly shows he is of Pakistani descent and not from among KadazandusunMurut (KDM) community," he said.

Hasipin, who is a villager of Kg.Paganatan Laut, said he and others went to the National Registration Department (NRD) office here to verify the validity of the MyKad and were informed that the MyKad was genuine.

"As a government officer and a concerned villager, I am personally urging the authorities to do a thorough investigation on how the man can be issued with a MyKad.

"All the villagers here are very disappointed with what has happened because now, we realise that there is uncontrolled distribution of MyKads to foreigners taking place. Therefore, our future and the future of the nation is insecure," he said.

Meanwhile, Kahirin said the Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants must look into the issue seriously because it seems to show that there are immigrants who are able to get instant Malaysian citizenship.

"There are probably leaks in various departments and such weaknesses may have compromised the safety and future of the present and future generations.

"Should the RCI need any assistance from the villagers, then we are ready to give them any information they need and we are also ready to stand as witnesses until the culprit is brought to justice," he said.

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