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50% of housemen in Sabah can’t cope, need retraining

KOTA KINABALU May 17, 2012: About 50 per cent of some 500 housemen in Sabah have to undergo retraining after being found to be unable to cope with work-related stress, while some of them were suffering from depression, according Sabah Health Director Dr Mohd Yusof Ibrahim.

He said the new generation of housemen or medicine graduates undergoing supervised practical experience is not the same as the housemen many years back.

“My personal opinion, the new generation does not having the ability to cope with stress and their field of training, especially those who graduated from overseas, are unable to face the same situation in our country,” he said.

“Under the new system, housemen are only required to work for an average of 60 hours in a five-day week with two days off, which is even better compared to our times when we didn’t have days off,” he told the press after launching the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 (QEH1) 8th State Clinical Conference on Sports Medicine.

Yusof said that apart from failing to cope with stress, those trained outside Malaysia experienced culture shock when facing the situations in the country.

Some claimed they are overworked, but most doctors were trained like that in order to be good doctors, he said.

Yusof said that apart from the hospital authorities, parents should explain to their children that working as a doctor is tough as it involves saving lives.

He stressed that the two-year training they received is not enough for the new generation housemen because it is very common to see many of them having to repeat their training before their posting to district hospitals.

“If they fail during the second training, we will send them to another hospital. I am sure all specialists and senior doctors are willing to help them because it is important to have

by Mariah Doksil


Screening for 135 health staff

KOTA KINABALU May 17, 2012: Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 (QEH1) is conducting health screening on 137 Health Department staff from throughout the state as a random indicator to identify their health level.

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  1. The people must learn how to cope with stress in the workplace so that they will not fall into depression.

  2. It does take some times to get used to the cultural shock for those who returned from overseas. The working environment is different in Malaysia compared to foreign countries.

  3. pengurusan tekanan kerja perlu ada dalam diri setiap pekerja, mereka mesti pandai mengawal tekanan yang diterima.

  4. Dalam bajet 2012 khidmat pegawai-pegawai perubatan yang bekerja lebih masa di hospital atau mana-mana pusat kesihatan dihargai dengan menaikkan elaun oncall claim atau kerja lebih masa sebanyak RM30 hingga RM80 sehari.

  5. lakukan yang terbaik untuk rakyat Sabah

  6. so do we need to build a class specialize in stress management?? especially for those who just come from oversea??