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How she almost fell victim to foreigner

Siti Suryani Abd Lamit Kota Kinabalu 13/12/2012: A Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) member who is in its Mudanita wing recounted how she almost fell victim to a foreigner.

Siti Suryani Abd Lamit, 27, said the incident happened when she worked as a telco promoter at the Goshen Township in Kota Marudu two years ago.

"While promoting the telco SIM packs to passers-by at the township, I chanced upon a Pakistani man to whom I promoted the advantages and benefits of using the telco numbers.

"The Pakistani showed keen interest to buy the SIM pack but gave excuses so that I would be willing to go with him to take his money which he claimed he had left in his office.

"I wanted to bring along my friend but the Pakistani started to get upset and convinced me not to worry and not to ask my friend to come along," she said. The assistant secretary in Mudanita related her experience to Daily Express when met at the wing's peace rally to call for justice on Norikoh Saliwah's case, held at Gaya Street on Sunday.

Siti Suryani, who is also the organising chairperson for the rally, said she went with the Pakistani man for the purpose of closing the sale and to get the money from his office.

"I realised that the Pakistani who drove his car had left the township and wanted to go somewhere first. Immediately, I did not feel good about this and planned to jump out of the car. "The Pakistani realised my intention to open the door and jump which made him furious and he insisted that I should not do it.

"I raised my voice and demanded that he send me back to my booth in the township and threatened to hit him if he did not. Only then he agreed to drive me back," she said.

Since the experience, she often advises her female colleagues and friends not to entertain requests from any potential clients who give excuses to lure them to get into their car.

"I can relate to what had happened to Norikoh and I believe the Pakistani who was arrested in connection with the case gave excuses to convince Norikoh to go with him to the shop to take the socket extension.

"My heart goes out to Norikoh's family and I am truly saddened and shocked by what happened to the 16-year-old," she said.

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