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Tawau housebuyers give ultimatum to SPNB

Tawau 6/11/2012: A group of Taman Apas Permai housebuyers, here, is giving Suruhanjaya Perumahan Nasional Bhd (SPNB) a two-week deadline to give a date for the completion of their houses.

The group plans to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister should their demands go unanswered.

This follows the housing project having already passed its date of completion.

The group's representative, Baharuddin Andi Seni said about two-thirds of the total of 856 housebuyers are already in support of the memorandum, although efforts are still ongoing.

It is understood that the Action Committee of the group will begin collecting signatures from housebuyers, about 90 per cent of them government staff, from Nov 3-Dec 3.

"If there is no positive development, the memorandum plan will proceedÉ we have unanimously agreed to take this action in the hope that SPNB will respond promptly and complete our houses the soonest possible," he said.

He insisted that the memorandum was necessary to ensure their problems are heard by leaders of the country, especially those in the State.

Baharuddin added that if their memorandum doesn't elicit an effective response, the housebuyers plan to organise a mass peaceful gathering at the Taman Apas Permai project site.

"We have waited so longÉ imagine some of us have purchased the houses since 2007 and 2008 but are still unable to stay in the houses although the agreement of its completion was supposed to be 30 months after the Sales and Purchase agreement was inked," he said.

Baharuddin said during a discussion held Saturday, SPNB Sabah Office Chief, Mohd Hafiz Sua Abdullah had said the houses will be completed on April 2013, although many doubted it.

"We do not want a verbal promise from SPNB É we want a written guarantee from them," he said.

He also appealed to houseowners to call him at 019-896 8025 or Melvin @ Mohd Melvin Abd Hamid at 019-823 5840 to support the memorandum.

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