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Dompok: Come forward to RCI with your evidence on fake ICs

KENINGAU 12/11/2012: Upko president, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok, is asking for anyone with evidence or details that can be used to help theRCI investigation to come forward to report to the RCI.

He said those with evidence and knows of persons in possession of fake identification cards through false declaration attested by those with ulterior intent, to please forward them and present these to the RCI for investigation.

“This is the time for us to seek a solution and produce those fake identification cards especially given to illegal immigrants (PATI),”

he said when opening the 2012 Upko Keningau Convention at the Community Hall here on Saturday.

Dompok, who is also Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, said, in this matter not only Upko members but all the people in this country, especially those in Sabah that have evidence must present it to the RCI.

“Do not keep saying that the RCI is slow acting and cannot address the problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah in particular but step forward and help the RCI members to carry out the responsibility entrusted to them,” said the minister.

He said members of the RCI should be given time to enable them to make proper planning to address the problem of identity cards possessed by immigrants in the state.

Dompok reasoned that if people can wait for years for the RCI to be established, why can’t they wait for a few months or perhaps a year for results or responsibility from the RCI body.

Hence, he said, people should be grateful and patient besides providing an opportunity to the RCI to carry their investigations in more detail.

According to Dompok, many things must be taken into account in the RCI so that it can really achieve its objectives.

On the struggles of Upko in Barisan Nasional (BN), Dompok said, a lot that has been fought for and adopted by the BN.

This, he said, included the establishment of the RCI, the teaching of Kadazandusun language in schools and the Murut language has also been announced by the Prime Minister during a series of visits to this area recently.

Also speaking at the event was Upko Keningau Division Head, Datuk Justin Guka, and Organising Chairman, Datuk John Angian.

Present were Upko Vice President, Datuk Wences Anggang, Upko National Adviser, Tan Sri Sufian Koroh, members of the Upko Supreme Council, leaders of BN component parties and community leaders.


Ada bukti lengkap, serahkan kepada RCI, kata Dompok

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