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KOTA KINABALU 10th August, 2012: The police force is going all out to combat crime to enhance public safety and to maintain law and order in the country, said Bukit Aman Crime Investigation Department (CID) director, Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin.

Contrary to public perception, he said it was not only the CID that was involved in the prevention of crime but the whole police force throughout the country.

“The public must trust the police. Public safety is our priority. In the case of Sabah, even our General Operations Force personnel go to the ground to help combat crime, particularly in major towns.

“I believe with the concerted efforts including cooperation from the public, we will be able to reduce crime rates, and for Sabah, the crime rates keep going down…this is good,” he told reporters after launching a seminar on investigation and prosecution pertaining to new laws, here, yesterday.

Mohd Bakri also said the police would do its utmost best to raise the standard of investigation and to strengthen its prosecution process as part of its efforts to project a good image of the police.

Towards this end, he said a CID school had been set up in Kuala Lumpur to train police personnel especially on aspects of managing crime investigation.

He said this was in line with the government’s vision to fight crime in the country.

Mohd Bakri said the setting up of the CID school was part of its efforts to enhance the status of the police’s profession, which used to be the last choice of job seekers, to become the number one choice in the future.

“We have increased the intakes for diploma and degree holders to join the police force. Now, we even have PhD holders in our force and this will certainly improve the quality of investigation.

“But, qualification alone is not a guarantee…that’s why we train them up on the management of investigations,” he said adding that this was why this seminar was held in Sabah on Thursday.


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