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West M’sians still control Sabah and Sarawak

Most top federal civil service posts in East Malaysia are still being held by those from the Peninsula, a prickly matter for a Sabahan MP.

PETALING JAYA July 2, 2012: West Malaysians still hold most of the top federal civil service positions in Sabah and Sarawak, while subordinate posts are mostly held by East Malaysians.

In a parliamentary written response to Sepanggar MP (SAPP) Eric Majimbun, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said that 8 out of 24 people holding top federal service positions in Sabah were Sabahans.

Eleven out of 22 people holding federal service positions in Sarawak were Sarawakian, the response added.

  • In Sabah, 64% of the 16,858 federal management and professional posts (10,816) as well as 87% of the 49,955 lower-ranking (termed as “pelaksana”) posts (40,108) were held by Sabahans.
  • For Sarawak, 70% of the 15,060 federal management and professional posts (10,534), while 91% of the 49,778 lower-ranking (termed as “pelaksana”) posts (45,325) were held by Sarawakians.

These numbers did not appear to include security forces such as the military or the police.

Speaking to FMT, Majimbun accused the federal government of marginalising East Malaysians, especially where the civil service was concerned.

He said that the matter was more serious in Sabah than it was in Sarawak, with posts being allocated in recent years.

“No doubt the federal government has been trying to patch up, especially in the last few years with the election round the corner.

“Posts have been given to Sabahans in recent years, but this is just an eye-wash. For over 40 years, posts have hardly been given to Sabahans.

“Even if they have been given director posts, they don’t have any power,” he said.

For example, Majimbun said that most district police chiefs were not even Sabahans.

Using Sabah as a trial ground

The Sepanggar MP also did not believe Najib’s numbers, alleging that many Sabahans could have been West Malaysians in disguise.

“There are West Malaysians who are transferred to Sabah, and have to work for a few years, so they bring their families here.

“When they apply for a job here, they will [call themselves] as Sabahan,” he said.

Another issue on this, he added, was Putrajaya’s tendency to use Sabah as a trial ground for West Malaysian graduate teachers in schools there.

This, he said, was detrimental to Sabahan students as they would not get quality education.

Borneanisation is one of the topics listed under Sabah’s 20-Point Agreement with Malaysia, following its inclusion into the Federation in 1963.

This stated that the Borneanisation of the civil service would proceed as quickly as possible.

Some critics have pointed out that this has not happened, and that West Malaysians still have a firm grip over the civil service there.

Patrick Lee

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  1. anak2 Sabah dan Sarawak sejarusnya diberi peluang menjawt jawatan tinggi dalam jabatan kerajaan peringkat negeri.

    1. sekurang2nya 50% merupakan orang tempatan Sabah/Sarawak. lagi, jangan pilih berdasarkan agama.

  2. sebenarnya ramai anak2 tempatan yang layak dan berkebolehan. mereka harus diberi peluang.

  3. Diharapkan kerajaan akan memberikan kuasa autonomi kepada rakyat tempatan untuk memegang jawatan kerajaan dalam negeri.

  4. Semangat Borneonisasi perlulah diperjuangkan. Diharapkan kerajaan pusat akan menghormati kemerdekaan Sabah dan Sarawak.

  5. Mengenai perkara ini rasanya kerajaan sedang menjalan secara berperingkat bagi memastikan penduduk Sabah Sarawak akan memegang jawatan tertinggi di sektor kerajaan pada akan datang.

  6. kerajaan perlu kurangkan orang luar untuk menjadi pendidik di Sabah. Sabah jangan jadikan bahan untuk eksperimen.

    1. Borneosasi perlu diteruskan.

  7. Autonomi Sabah perlu dipenuhi.

  8. how about Sabahan who holding top federal service positions in peninsula states?? if all of the included, I'm sure there are more than 24 Sabahan holding top post in MALAYSIA..

  9. As many as 15,390 public service officers and staff from Peninsular Malaysia are currently working in 94 federal departments and 42 statutory bodies in the state.

  10. Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister''s Department, Datuk Radin Malleh said the department with the biggest number of these individuals was the Sabah Education Department with 8,152 last year.

  11. Radin said on average, 7,500 to 8,500 civil servants from the peninsula were sent to Sabah each year, for the last five years.

  12. The total number of officers and staff in Sabah is 85,498, of whom 82 per cent are Sabahans.

  13. State Minister for Community Development and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun in reply to a question from Datuk Louis Rampas (BN-Kiulu) on street children in Sabah, said that based on statistics from 2007 till May 2012, 1,392 such children were saved and 1,327 released during that period.