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Students risk their lives on Inanam bridger

INANAM June 19, 2012: SK Kionsom students are risking their lives crossing Sungai Inanam using the suspension bridge near the village mini community hall at Kg Kionsom.

Village Development and Security Committee chairman, Pan Su Khiong said the students and people have no other alternative but to use the bridge, which is no longer fit for use, to get to and back from their school or to get to town.

"The only viable bridge, which is a concrete bridge located downriver is about to kilometre walk or drive to reach to school," Pan said to Daily Express.

Pan said villagers complained to him about the bridge and have brought the matter to the attention of Inanam Assemblyman, Datuk Johnny Goh, who had personally inspected the damaged bridge.

"He (Goh) had promised to repair the bridge ... but to date no further action has been taken.

However, a few old planks were placed to remedy the situation."

"Even monkeys would find it hard to use the bridge now," said Pan, who is also PBS Kionsom head.

He said another Kaamatan celebration will be held this Saturday (June 23) and Goh is invited to officiate at the annual village celebrations.

"We will wait for what our assemblyman will say or promise this time around," he said.

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