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Filipino plantation worker jailed 20 years for manslaughter

TAWAU 20th June, 2012: A Filipino plantation worker was jailed 20 years for causing the death of his uncle in 2009.

Hadullah Daruddin, 52, was found guilty of causing the death of Isman Lali while armed with a machete at Mile 10 Kampung Long Danau at about 5.15pm on Dec 4.

Judicial Commissioner Datuk Douglas Primus ordered Hadullah, who attacked Osman after the latter admitted to sleeping with Hadullah’s wife, to begin serving his jail term from the date of his arrest on Dec 4, 2009.

The court heard that Hadullah was returning home when he met a friend who was informed by Hadullah’s wife that she had left home.

The accused who was confused rushed home but was met by the uncle who confessed that the wife wanted to leave as she had sex with him.

The accused went to search for the wife while armed with a machete. When he saw the wife, she refused to answer him.

Hadullah who felt that he was being fooled around, decided to confront the uncle in his house.

The court heard that Hadullah slashed the victim twice from the back as the latter was watching television.

He returned to his house and informed the wife of the incident.

DPP Hamdan Hamzah prosecuted.

In another case, the court sentenced Sabdul Basil Marvin, 21, to eight years’ jail after he pleaded guilty to causing hurt to a 30-year-old woman while robbing her of her belongings.

The Filipino admitted to committing the offence at Taman Seri Maju in Menggatal about 9.30pm on April 8, this year.

The charge which was framed under Section 394 of the Penal Code provides for a jail term of up to 20 years, and also liable to a fine or whipping on conviction.

Pleading for leniency, Sabdul told the court that he was forced into the act by his friend and claimed that he would be slapped and beaten up by his friend if he refused.

Balang meanwhile pressed for a heavy sentence as such offence is rampant and the victim had sustained injuries during the robbery.

Sikodol also ordered the accused to be referred to the Immigration Department after serving the sentence to be deported to his country of origin.


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