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Filming for Kadazandusun series to start in April

KOTA KINABALU Feb 28, 2012: Filming for the first prime-time Kadazandusun tele-vision series will start in April at locations in the Penampang district and Inanam.

The 13-part Pangazou is scheduled to be screened over RTM1 by year-end, said its executive producer Anwardi Jamil.

The series is based on a novel by former Sabah Deputy Chief Minister and state Attorney-General Tan Sri Herman Luping.

Pangazou, or warrior, is the story of two brothers Behingan and Som-boy's journey from childhood to adults and set in the 1800s.

Warriors from the Land Below the Wind: Luping (right) and Anwardi looking at the Pangazou book.

“We are keeping the dialogue in Kadazandusun using the Tangaah dialect of Penampang and Papar as well as Bundu Liwan to encourage youths to rediscover their mother tongue.

“It is also aimed at enabling Malaysians from other parts of the country to be acquainted with the Kadazandusun language as the community's customs and traditions, I feel, are somewhat similar to the Malay adat,” said Anwardi whose company Manjafilms Sdn Bhd has produced series such as Bilik No.13 and Detik 12 Malam.

He felt that using Kadazandusun would give the series “a more realistic feel”.

Anwardi was confident that Pangazou would be well-received as Malaysians “are showing an affinity towards drama series in Korean, Tagalog and Mandarin”.

Casting for the series will begin next month.

Anwardi said 80% of the several hundred cast and crew involved in the RM1mil project would be Sabahans.

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  1. Satu usaha yang baik untuk memupuk penggunaan bahasa ibunda untuk bangsa Kadazandusun.

  2. Harap siri drama ini akan membantu mempromosikan budaya dan bahasa etnik ini untuk penonton.

    1. This can showcase the kadazan language in it many forms of dialect to the local, but also the whole of Malaysia.

  3. Indirectly it too will attract more Malaysians from other states to visit Sabah.

  4. Apart from that, this is a good step to showcase the talents of Sabahan actors and actresses.

  5. It seems that the Kadazandusun viewers are now in a treat.

  6. I waiting for this kadazandusun series..