Sabtu, November 19, 2011


Top 10 worst passwords of 2011


No pun intended. 'Password' is the worst password of 2011, according to a list compiled by a software company.

Next on the list are '123456' and '12345678'.

The ranking is compiled by SplashData - which was derived from the millions of passwords allegedly posted online by hackers.

SplashData CEO Morgan Slains said: "Hackers can easily break into many accounts just by repeatedly trying common passwords.

"Even though people are encouraged to select secure, strong passwords, many people continue to choose weak, easy-to-guess ones, placing themselves at risk from fraud and identity theft."

The company has urged consumers to use passwords of longer than eight characters and to include special characters, letters and numbers.

Here's the complete list of top 10 worst passwords of 2011:

1. password
2. 123456
3. 12345678
4. qwerty
5. abc123
6. monkey
7. 1234567
8. letmein
9. trustno1
10. dragon

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