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8-yr-old Internet tycoon

The Marble King. Pic from www.thesun.co.uk

The Marble King. Pic from www.thesun.co.uk

A schoolboy aged eight has become the Appren-titch after starting his own marbles company and turning it into an internet phenomenon.

Tiny tycoon Harli Jordean dreamed up his Marble King company at primary school in a move that would have surely impressed Lord Sugar.

The mini entrepreneur is thought to be the world's youngest CEO and now sells his marbles across the globe.

Harli, from Stoke Newington, London, said: "My dream is to have a chain of stores like Hamleys — it will be one of the biggest toy stores in the world but selling all sorts of marbles.

"My friends love that I have my own business. At first some of them didn't believe me — but they do now. They are some of my best customers.

"I love marbles and I love having my own marbles company."

Harli's products start at £7.99 for a simple tub of marbles and go to £599 for the limited edition Duke of York solitaire tables.

image The company is turning over thousands of pounds a year and Harli has taken on his mum and two older brothers to help him cope with demand.

Harli started his career trading marbles with pals in the playground when older lads nicked his stock.

It was when his mum Tina, 51, tried to replace them that he discovered there was no one on the internet that could help.

That sparked him begging her to let him start his own web company and Marble King was born.

image Tina said: "Harli has been obsessed with marbles ever since he was six.

"His obsession became so big we started calling him the Marble King — so when he wanted to set up a website it was the natural name for it.

"I never thought it would become so popular — we are struggling to cope with the number of orders at times.

"I helped him set up the site, but he's now trading with the world instead of just the playground all on his own, he has a hand in everything.

"As a boss he is very amenable and has his own ideas of how to do things."

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  1. Mengagumkan, harap budak ini akan terus berusaha untuk membangunkan peniagaan ini.

  2. menjadi usahawan pada usia amat muda, semoga budak ini terus berjaya.

  3. mungkin dia akan memperoleh kejayaan yang besar satu hari nanti..

  4. Tuah ayam nampak di kaki. Tuah manusia tiada siapa yang tahu. Brilliant kid!

  5. Boleh tahan ini budak..Pintar dan berani mencuba..

  6. kecil2 sudah ada perniagaan sendiri dan boleh berjaya. inikan pula kalau orang yang sudah dewasa.fikir2kan..