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Pakistani claims given IC ‘issued’ in 1985 though he came to Sabah in 1992

KOTA KINABALU 30/01/2013: A Pakistani man who came to Sabah in 1992 said he obtained a Malaysian identity card which stated that it was issued in 1985.

According to Parvez Khan Hussain Khan, the details on the identification document which he obtained through another Pakistani were also inaccurate.

Parvez, who was responding to questions from conducting officer Jamil Ariffin during the Royal Commission of Inquiry hearing yesterday, confirmed that the identity card was issued under the name of Mohamad Sharil bin Saka.

Jamil asked, “Is it true that the residential address stated on the identity card is Bukit Garam, Kinabatangan while your place of birth is stated as Kampung Muhibbah, Tawau and that the card was issued in 1985?”

Parvez replied, “Yes” and also affirmed that he has never been to Bukit Garam.

“So is it true that in 1985, you had not yet traveled to Sabah and was still in Pakistan? Is it true that the name and particulars on the identity card was not yours while only the photograph was yours?” Jamil asked, to which Parvez replied, “Yes.”

Parvez also confirmed that a fellow Pakistani man named Ikhram gave him an application form with his (Parvez) name already on it and told him to complete the form, put his thumbprint and provide eight black and white photos.

He said he paid Ikhram RM330 but did not know what the money was for. The meeting allegedly took place at a rented house in Kampung Likas, and Ikhram had since passed away, six years ago.

Parvez said Ikhram handed him a blue identity card 20 days after the meeting but it did not have Parvez’s real name on it and he initially did not use the identification document because he was unsure of its validity.

“I did try to have it verified at the National Registration Department (NRD) and also to have my real name put on the blue identity card,” he said, adding that the identification document was confiscated by the NRD in June 2011.

“I wanted to know if the IC was mine or belonged to someone else. At the NRD, the attending officer took the IC and told me to wait for them to contact me so that they could conduct another interview,” he said.

However, Parvez had not heard from the NRD since then.

He disclosed that he tried to use the identity card to vote in the Likas constituency during the 1999 election but was denied by the Election Commission based on the reason that the document had yet to be changed.

Since then, Parvez had only used his Pakistani passport as his identification document and when Jamil asked if this meant he is a Pakistani citizen and not a Malaysian, Parvez replied, “I would have to agree because there is still no decision (from the NRD) about my Malaysian identity card.”

To the question by Dr Chong Eng Leong’s lawyer, Ansari Abdullah, on who asked him to vote, Parvez said that he only tried to do it because his friends asked him to.

“I tried to vote once but failed,” Parvez repeated.

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