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Indian national claims he obtained IC with fake SD

KOTA KINABALU 30/01/2013: Indian national Nur Mohd Ibrahim told the Royal Commission of Inquiry yesterday that he obtained a Malaysian identity card using just a false statutory declaration (SD).

He said he came to Sabah in 1981 and after being urged by his Filipina colleagues working in a restaurant, he went with them to apply for a Malaysian identity card.

When questioned by RCI Conducting Officer Jamil Ariffin yesterday, Nur Mohd said he applied for the identification document with only a statutory declaration stating that he was born in Kinarut, Papar.

Nur Mohd’s first attempt to obtain the Malaysian identity card failed but he did not give up and tried again in 1983 also by just submitting a false statutory declaration, the RCI panel was told.

This time, he was lucky as it was approved although he only collected the blue identification document in 1987 after friends advised him to check the status of his application with the National Registration Department (NRD).

After receiving the blue IC in 1987, Nur Mohd said he did not use it as he was wary of its validity.

  • He only used it in 1991 when he registered as a voter and has since voted four times in the Likas constituency.

Nur Mohd said that he handed over his Indian passport to the NRD officer in exchange for the blue identity card.

Jamil asked if he had cancelled his Indian citizenship, Nur Mohd replied, “No”.

“So this means that you have dual citizenship, Malaysian and an Indian national?” Jamil asked, to which Nur Mohd replied, “only one citizenship, I am Malaysian”.

  • Jamil then asked Nur Mohd if he knows the Rukun Negara, to which he replied, “No”.

He however was able to name current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his two predecessors but not current Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

When asked further about the statutory declaration he used when applying for the blue IC, Nur Mohd said it was done by a Justice of Peace in Kampung Air.

In reply to Commissioner Datuk Henry Chin, Nur Mohd said he had paid an individual RM3 at the NRD office for filling in the application form for him.

When Chin asked if he was aware that he had declared that his place of birth was in Kinarut, Nur Mohd gave an affirmative reply.

  • Nur Mohd also agreed with Jamil that the details of his birth in the statutory declaration were not true and that he had never had the document verified by the court.

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