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Heartless murderers should serve full term – MP

TAWAU 30/11/2012: Member of parliament Datuk Chua Soon Bui condemned the heartless and senseless murder of 16-year-old Norikoh Saliwah and called for heavy punishment on the perpetrators.

“Such murderers should serve the maximum term, without parole based on the severity of crime committed and they should not be deported to their countries until they have served their full term, life or death penalty,”

she said when debating on the International Transfer of Prisoners Bill 2012 tabled by the Home Ministry at the parliament yesterday.

While sympathizing with the family of Norikoh, she called for more efforts by the relevant authorities to check and arrest foreigners who acquired MyKad through dubious means in Sabah.

“Such hideous crimes should serve as a wake-up call for us Malaysian Sabahans that our state should act seriously on the illegal immigrants’ problem and foreigners with dubious MyKads,” she added,

“These people are capable of doing anything that we are unable to imagine,” she added.

Chua, who is also Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) vice president, urged the ministry to view every brutal murder case seriously.

Norikoh’s body was thrown by the roadside near Kampung Ranau on Sunday, about 2km from Kota Marudu town. Police have arrested a 40-year-old man in connection with the case.

The collapsed section near kilometer 24, Apas Road due to landslide.

Meanwhile, the MP said she would continue to monitor the repair work at a section of a highway hit by landslide near kilometer 24, Apas Road around the Tawau Airport junction.

Chua said the Ministry of Works replied to her that the work would start anytime.

She had shown the deputy minister, Datuk Yong Koon Seng, the photo of the collapsed road which warranted urgent repair and retention.

“It is very unfair to the people to wait for such a long time for such urgent repair,” she said and invited the deputy minister to visit the site.

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