Jumaat, November 30, 2012


Kota Marudu people want justice

KOTA KINABALU 30/11/2012: Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) deputy president Datuk Maijol Mahap has urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the death of 15-year-old Norikoh Saliwa whose body was found by the roadside in Kota Marudu early this week.

“I hope the police will make a thorough investigation on the case and will not leave any stones unturned. We want to know whether she was indeed raped and murdered. If she was, who did it?

“We in Kota Marudu want justice and we want the culprit to be brought to justice. We know justice can’t return the life of the girl, but at least the culprit is brought to justice and be sentenced,”

Maijol who is APS Kota Marudu chief, said.

Maijol added that he was saddened to see the life of a young girl like Norikoh taken away, especially when the manner on how she died was suspiciously tragic.

He said that since her death was made known to the public, he had heard several versions on the circumstances of her death.

Maijol added that he and APS president Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred M Bumburing had visited the home of the late Norikoh to pay their last respects to the young girl.

“I attended the funeral in her family house in Kampung Bombong 1, Kota Marudu. I spoke to her elder sister aged 25 years old and she related to me what had happened prior to Norikoh’s body being found.

“According to the sister, she and Norikoh together with their niece went to a Pakistani furniture shop in Goshen New Township, Kota Marudu to ask if there was any job available for her niece. Her niece was offered the job there and then with a salary of RM300 a month.

“She claimed that while in the shop, Norikoh bought a socket extension. But when they left the shop leaving the niece there to start working, the victim realised upon reaching the other side of Kota Marudu town that she forgot to take the socket extension with her.

“So she called the Pakistani shop owner about it. She got his hand phone number because while in the shop, he gave her his number. The Pakistani man said there was no need to go back to the shop as he would go out and meet her to give it, her sister said.

“When he came, the sister claimed that she saw Norikoh approach the lorry and the next thing she knew was that her sister went inside the vehicle and the Pakistani man drove away. She said she waited at the shop and after some time, the Pakistani man came back and asked her: ‘Where is your sister?’”

Maijol said the woman said her reply to the man was “Why do you ask me like that, she went with you just now,” to which the Pakistani man replied: “I don’t know,” and gave a wallet to the sister saying that Norikoh had left it in the lorry.

However, she does not know where the Pakistani man brought Norikoh.

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