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Govt to assist 32,000 find jobs in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU 3/10/2012: The state government assures that it will help 32,000 job-seekers in Sabah through the 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M).

SL1M will implement various programmes with the participation of the private sector as part of the latter’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) to overcome unemployment.

Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said the state government welcomed efforts that help to reduce unemployment among graduates in Sabah.

“I believe the private sector through their CSR can help to train candidates with potential to become quality workers based on the current job market demands,” he told reporters after launching a state-level SL1M outreach programme at Universiti Malaysia Sabah, here, which had 44 selected companies participating.

He advised graduates not to be choosy when seeking employment and not to be discouraged when they fail to secure jobs.

The SL1M outreach programme, launched on June 1 last year, attracted 8,000 participants, with 400 of them in Sabah, securing employment.

Based on last year’s record, a total of 8,000 graduates in the country obtained jobs after taking part in SL1M.

Meanwhile, BERNAMA reported that a large portion of the 3.3 million jobs expected to be created by 2020 will be filled by 70 per cent of students in the vocational stream.

Deputy-Director of School Operation, Technical and Vocational Education Division of the Education Ministry, Zainuren Mohd Nor, said that under the Vocational Education Transformation programme, the courses offered would be based on the demands of the workforce markets.

“Vocational education provides opportunities for students, especially those who prefer doing practical training to attending academic classes, to get better careers,” he said at the “Outreach Media” programme at the Beaufort Vocational College recently.

He said the Education Ministry would work with other ministries, as well as the private sector, to meet the demands of the workforce market by 2020.

“Currently, we are working to increase the enrolment of students in vocational education to 40 per cent, from only five per cent now.

“In this vocational education transformation, we want to provide opportunities for students with a preference for hands-on training to choose the courses that they want,” he added.

Zainuren said that besides providing the workforce with labour, 20 per cent of students who excelled in their studies would be sent to pursue studies at institutions of higher learning, while 10 per cent would be trained to become entrepreneurs.


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  1. SL1M ini antara jalan penyelesaian yang digunakan oleh kerajaan untuk membantu penganggur diluar sana untuk mendapat ilmu pengetahuan dalam pekerjaan selama 1 tahun.

  2. Kerajaan telah mencuba untuk membantu lepasan graduate diluar sana untuk mendapat pekerjaan sementara sambil menunggu pekerjaan tetap.

  3. Jangan lepaskan peluang yang diberikan ini kepada semua mereka yang memerlukan.

  4. Job seekers, especially the youths are urged to approach Sabah Job Centre for advice on available jobs and to be aware of the agency’s programmes.

  5. National Talent Enhancement Programme which aims to financially assist underemployed and unemployed Malaysians possessing diplomas, undergraduate degrees and higher qualifications secure employment with companies within the SDC.

  6. Peluang yang diberi oleh kerajaan harus di ambil..

  7. Di Sabah, telah banyak projek yang di buat oleh kerajaan, dan banyak peluang pekerjaan yang di sediakan.

  8. Kerajaan sentiasa mengutamakan generasi muda.