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Only 27 days to process construction permits

Kota Kinabalu September 07, 2012: The length of the application process for construction permits is being shortened from 140 days to 27 days, said Senior Director of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) AB Rahim Yusoff.

This, according to him, was conducted with cooperation from MPC, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and technical agencies under a One Stop Centre (OSC) through a project called Regulatory Review which will also be continued here in Sabah.

"MPC will cooperate with relevant agencies to conduct the Regulatory Review project on dealing with construction permits in Sabah,"

he said at MPC's Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri which was held at Le Meridien Hotel, here, Thursday.

"Not only has the length been shortened, the procedures have also been reduced from 32 to 10."

"We hope this project would be able to have a positive impact on businesses in Sabah."

He said that until August 2012, MPC Sabah have carried out about 71 training programmes and 18 promotional activities in the form of conventions, seminars and workshops.

"About 5,654 participants from 246 organisations have benefited through the increase of knowledge and skills in various management productivity fields as well as competitiveness and innovation."

He said that high skills and workers who possess these skills which are acquired through the programme can improve their level of productivity.

"This achievement is vital as it is an important aspect in the total productivity factor."

To increase the level of productivity of an enterprise, he said their branch office here in Sabah has planned a few programmes such as Aplikasi dan Impak Pengurusan Pembaziran through Lean Management, Material Flow Cost Accounting and an international programme which includes training course on development, promotion as well as marketing on Agro tourism.

"This international programme will be conducted with the Asian Productivity Organisation in Japan."

Meanwhile, Datuk Awang Buhtamam Hj Awang Mahmun who is a board of director member of MPC hoped the initiatives to increase productivity will improve the economy to achieve the growth productivity of more than 4.6 per cent in year 2012.

He said the budget which will be revealed on Sept 28 will show a decrease in terms of taxes.

"Programmes and incentives will be increased."

Twenty senior citizens from Sri Pritchard old folks home in Kinarut were also present to celebrate the event.

Also present was MPC Sabah Director, Norzirin Ariffin.

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