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Fake degrees land him plum jobs


KUALA LUMPUR 07 September 2012: A conman duped a top university up north and a government department in Putrajaya by landing plum jobs there armed only with fake degrees.

The 45-year-old local lectured for more than two years at the university before securing a contract as a consultant at a government department.

Commercial Crime Investigation Department sources said the man earned almost RM7,000 as a lecturer and RM15,000 as a consultant for more than three years.

He was exposed last month when a former colleague at the university, incensed over the conman's constant bragging that he was now a high-earner with connections in high places, did background checks on the suspect.

It was then revealed that all the degrees and certificates which the conman had bragged about were fake and that the certificates were printed at his house in Nibong Tebal, Penang.

The colleague immediately informed the university which lodged a police report.

Sources said police raided the conman's house where they found out that his highest qualification was the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

The man had conned the university and government department into believing he possessed a bachelor of science, master's in neuroscience and two doctorates in education and neuroscience, which were purportedly awarded  by universities in the United States and Canada.

Investigations revealed the conman had been working with the university between January 2009 and July last year. He then joined the government department in November last year until last month when his scam came to light.

"The suspect had been contacting his former colleagues at the university and boasting about his new salary and perks. That was his  undoing as that was when his former colleagues decided to run a background check on him," the source disclosed.

The conman was arrested on Aug 17. 

He was released on police bail on Wednesday.

The case is being investigated for forgery for the purpose of cheating and for passing off a forged document as genuine.


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