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Assemblyman calls for better broadband connectivity to Wi-Fi villages

SANDAKAN September 24, 2012: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) was urged to improve its broadband connectivity to Wi-Fi villages (WFV) to empower more villagers to enjoy free internet service under the programme.

Karamunting assemblyman Datuk Peter Pang, who made the call, said several areas in the WFV in Karamunting still do not have access to the free internet service.

“In several villages, not all villagers have access to the service provided by the MCMC that was introduced recently and I suggest the relevant authority improve the broadband connectivity by installing more modems,” said Pang to reporters at the Dragon Boat Race Festival at Pantai Pasir Putih yesterday.

He made the comment in response to several complaints from locals of Kampung Bokara and Kampung Air who requested for improvement to the free internet service which is provided with one modem covering an area within a 100-meter radius.

Pang, who is the Youth and Sports Minister, pledged to look into the matter and for it to be dealt with expeditiously and at the same time advised villagers to be patient considering the WFV was only introduced recently and for it to improve over time.


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