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Ex-teachers want quick reply from ministry

LAHAD DATU July 23, 2012: Several former untrained teachers have appealed to the Ministry of Education to hasten the processing of their applications to pursue study in education before absorption into the permanent establishment as teachers.

They expressed concern over the lack of response to their applications which were submitted in 2010.

One of the former teachers, Kasmidah Madami, 35, said they had raised the matter several times, including at a meeting with the ministry’s director at Putrajaya in February this year.

They fear that their future would be put in jeopardy if their applications were to be rejected.

Kasmidah said she and 13 other former teachers have yet to receive any response from the ministry though offers have been made to the other 578 untrained teachers whose services were terminated in 2010.

It is noted that former untrained teachers aged 35 and below have been accorded priority by the ministry.

“The director concerned who expressed recognition of our experience as teachers also promised to refer the matter to the Public Service Department (PSD) for consideration,” she said, adding that after their services have been terminated more than a year ago, most of them have joined the rank of the unemployed.

Another former teacher, Rahima Sukarmo, 36, said the delay in the processing of their applications have led to the problem of them exceeding the age limit.

“Because the process takes a long time, some of us including myself are now over 35 years old, whereas at the time when the applications were made, we were then still eligible,” she said.

Rahima also expressed fear that the prevailing situation if it remains unresolved, will affect her chance to become permanent teachers.

The former teachers called on the Ministry of Education and the Public Service Department to give due attention to their plight and to provide them with the necessary feedback.

by Azmie Lim

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