Sabtu, Mei 12, 2012


Illegal with fake document jailed

SANDAKAN May 12, 2012: The Magistrate’s Court convicted and jailed an illegal immigrant on a charge of using a temporary identification document which was confirmed by the National Registration Department as a fake.

Arabin Paraman, 23, who was brought before magistrate Haji Mohd Najmi Daud, pleaded guilty to the charge and sentenced to one year in jail and ordered to be referred to the Immigration Department after the completion of his jail term to be deported to his country of origin.

The accused was charged under Section 25 (1)(E) of the National Registration Regulations 1990 which provides for a maximum jail term of three years, or a fine not exceeding RM20,000, upon conviction.

Prosecuting officer Kumaran Nyanasagaran, Arabin was detained on May 7 when he presented the fake document as genuine at the office of the enforcement unit of the Immigration Department.

Investigations revealed that Arabin had purchased the document from an unknown source for RM700.

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