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RCI for Sabah now, not after polls

It's not the opposition who is capitalizing on the need for RCI but Umno who is playing politics with Sabahans' lives, says an MP.

KOTA KINABALU Dec 7, 2011: An opposition MP has warned Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak not to delay setting up the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate claims that citizenship was given to foreigners in exchange for their votes.

Sepanggar MP Eric Majimbun said Najib must resolve the long standing issue of the almost two million illegal immigrants in Sabah, their citizenship and Project IC scheme. The alleged scheme was set up to change the electoral composition of the state along communal lines.

“Those culprits who are involved in Project IC should be brought to justice according to the existing laws, as these people are the traitors of the country and Sabah in particular,” he said.

He said to allow the next general election to be called without investigating the allegations would be perpetuating a fraud.

“To go ahead and call for the 13th general election without investigating the issues would call into question the election itself,”added.

Majimbun stressed that an impartial investigation was crucial to help clean the much-maligned electoral rolls, in line with Najib’s pledge to push through electoral reforms.

“If the government can allow the establishment of RCI to probe individual-related issues like that of Teoh Beng Hock’s mysterious death and that of a lawyer like VK Linggam, why can’t the same be done to resolve the perennial issue of the presence of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who have obtained the MyKad through dubious means like the Project IC, which is threatening the sovereignty of Sabah and affecting the well-being of its people?” he asked.

Majimbun also challenged Umno and the Chief Minister Musa Aman as the chairman of Sabah Barisan Nasional and the State Security Council to take a stand on the call for the establishment of the RCI on the matter.

Only Umno against RCI

The outspoken MP denied Musa’s allegations that the opposition were ‘merely capitalizing’ on the RCI to score political points.

“We are not capitalizing on the RCI. This is not about scoring political points. Project IC is an irresponsible and unreasonable act.

“It is the Umno leaders who are playing politics regardless of the outcome for Sabah and its people.

“(Notice how) none of the Sabah delegates who spoke in the recent Umno annual general assembly had supported the calls for the setting up of the RCI.

“Whereas almost all political parties in Sabah including several component parties of Barisan Nasional (except Umno) too have expressed their support demanding for the establishment of the RCI by the federal government, ” said Majimbun who is also Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) deputy president.

He said SAPP had started a signature campaign on the issue and had collected 100,000 supporters, indicating the general feelings of local Sabahans.

“SAPP Youth also collected 100,000 signatures through its campaign and these signatures were submitted together with a memorandum to the prime minister in the parliament and the chief minister at the state legislative assembly,” he said.

Motion rejected

He said SAPP had also attempted to table a motion calling for a RCI in the recent state legislative assembly sitting, but was rejected by the Speaker.

“During the recent public hearing conducted by the Parliament Select Committee on electoral reforms, the issue of RCI was also raised as a means of cleaning the electoral rolls.

image “This showed that the people of Sabah are one-hearted in demanding the government to act on the issue.

“Unfortunately, the (state) government just can’t be bothered and continues to ignore the issue affecting the sovereignty of the state,” the MP noted.

The latest census conducted in 2010 showed that the population of Sabah was now 3.2 million. Neighbouring Sarawak, according to the census, registered 2.4 million.




PKR: Six BN partners also seeking mileage

"Who is seeking political mileage on this issue? How about your six Sabah BN components (PBS, Upko, LDP, PBRS, MCA and Gerakan) who are also so keen on this issue?

"Tan Sri Bernard Dompok had twice last month openly said that it was meaningless for Upko to be represented in the Federal Cabinet if this RCI is not set up.

"Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan had stated four times in one week last month with a hoarse voice that this RCI must be set up by 2012,"


Federal leaders reminded not to take Sabah for granted

“Let’s not be deluded and over confident by the shout of  ‘Hidup BN’ in every big gathering as the people of Sabah are scrutinizing the sincerity of the federal leaders in dealing with every issue and interest concerning the state,”

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  1. Kita tunggulah dan lihat bila RCI ini akan dilaksanakan.

  2. Tidak kira bagaimanapun, tindakan alternatif masih diperlukan.

  3. rakyat Sabah amat menyokong penubuhan RCI.

  4. olah itu, adalah wajar jika RCI ditubuhkan segera. ia satu usaha dalam menyelesaikan isu PATI.

  5. bukan sedang dalam pertimbangan ka??

  6. dalam masa kita mendesak kerajaan persekutuan untuk menubuhkan RCI di Sabah, baik cadangkan juga kaedah lain seperti meningkatkan kawalan sempadan, membersihkan jabatan imigresen di pintu2 masuk negara atau mungkin menyerahkan kuasa imigresen kepada Sabah...

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  13. Itu yang kita mahukan.. RCI perlu dibuat sekarang dan bukannya selepas RCI. Tapi kalau kerajaan ada rancangan lain rasanya boleh dilakukan mengantikan cadnagan RCI itu.

  14. Mengenai RCI mungkin masih belum dapat menyelesaikan PATI kerana kalau kita faham betul RCI ini cuma untuk siastan dan bukannya badan yang bertindak menyelesaikan.