Khamis, Ogos 18, 2011


Judge raises Customs officer’s jail term from two weeks to four years

KOTA KINABALU August 18, 2011: The High Court here increased a Customs officer’s sentence for corruption from two weeks to four years, saying that “if you do the crime, you do the time”.

In his ruling, Justice Datuk David Wong Dak Wah said the country could not tolerate corruption that affected economic efficiency.

“In this day and age, we can ill afford economic inefficiency as we try to compete in a border­­less world.

“The court must also send a message to society that this country does not accept corruption as part of daily life,”

he said in setting aside the 14-day jail sentence imposed on Customs officer Rudy Arbi, 40.

Wong, however, maintained the RM45,000 fine imposed by Sessions Court judge Caroline Bee Majanil in Nov 9, 2007.

Majanil had ordered that Rudy be jailed for two weeks and fined RM45,000 after finding him guilty of three corruption charges.

Rudy was convicted of demanding RM5,000 from Liew Thien Sui as an inducement for not taking any action against Liew and Colin Voon, who were together ope­rating an electrical outlet suspected to be selling items imported from China and the peninsula without any invoices on April 6, 2005.

He was also convicted of receiving RM1,000 from Liew at Inanam town on April 8 the same year and another RM2,000 from Voon at a coffee shop in Kolombong three days later.

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  1. Memang betul, siapa yang melakukan jenayah patut dikenakan hukuman yang setimpal.

  2. tidak kompromi bagi mereka yang melakukan jenayah, mereka harus dihukum.

  3. sesiapa yang melakukan jenayah perlu menerima hukuman atas kesalahannya.

  4. Rasuah harus dibanteras. jangan jadikan ia sebahagian dari kehidupan.

  5. The judicial system in this state must be justice. Put the sentence in accordance with the crime committed.

  6. tidak perlu ada belas kasihan atau kompromi dengan penjenayah.. sebab penjenayah juga tidak mempunyai sifat itu ketika melakukan jenayah.. untuk menangani jenayah, undang2 perlu tegas..

    kepada penjenayah.. berani buat, berani la tanggung..

  7. Tindakkan undang-undang mesti dilaksanakan. Maka yang bersalah tetap menerima hukumannya.