Jumaat, Februari 01, 2013


70,000 got ICs using false info, says PBS

Kota Kinabalu 11/01/2013: Parti Bersatu Sabah Secretary General Datuk Radin Malleh said there is evidence that more than 70,000 illegal immigrants in the State had acquired Malaysian ICs through dubious means.

He said this after handing over evidence in the form of namelists of these illegals together with members of the PBS Illegal Immigrant Surveillance Committee to the Royal Commision of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in the State at Wisma Dang Bandang, Thursday.

"The majority of the ICs were genuine but were obtained with false information using forged declaration letters,"

he said. Radin said he was called by the RCI on Jan. 3 to give a statement.

"But I told them I was unable to bring all the lists as we were still investigating some (of the voter namelists) between 1994 to 1999 and the rest we have made police reports. I promised the commission then that I will come if I detect these names so today I have handed over the lists.

The amount we have detected is 73,985 illegals."

Also present was Luyang People's Development Leader Chin Teck Ming, PBS Women's Wing Vice President Datuk Jamilah Sulaiman and PBS Deputy Secretary General Datuk Daniel Kinsik.

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