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Public's right to ask for warrant card from a cop

Kota Kinabalu 23/12/2012: The public have the right to ask for the warrant card of a person who claims to be a policeman, so as to ensure they are dealing with a genuine police personnel or officer.

City Police Chief ACP Jauteh Dikun said it is not wrong or unlawful for anyone to ask for such card from those claiming to be working in the police force, to avoid being cheated and misled.

He said it is compulsory for a policeman to bring along the warrant card, especially when on duty, and should show the card when asked to do so for verification purposes.

"Actually this warrant card is like a Malaysian identity card and policemen and policewomen will always bring along wherever they are.

"There are two types of warrant card - one is in blue colour which indicates the concerned policeman is an officer with higher rank, above inspector, while the yellow one indicates the policeman is a constable, below the sub-inspector rank," he said.

Jauteh said this to Daily Express when met during a police "meet the public" session held from 2pm to 4pm at Suria Sabah, here, Saturday.

He said this after attending to an inquiry from two teenagers who sought information on how to identify a genuine policeman from an impersonator.

Also present were City Crime Officer DSP Azizulkifli bin Mansor and Inspector Erda Firdayu Binti Saroji, as the "Peace Lady Amanita" for City Police, who attends to women's complaints and receives tip-offs and information on crime activities from women.

Jauteh said the public have also the right to refuse any order or request from the concerned person who gives excuses to show the warrant card.

In addition, he said they should immediately lodge a police report about anyone who claims he or she is from the police force but fails and refuses to show the warrant card.

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