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‘Poverty in Malaysia close to nil’

SIBU 23/12/2012: The BN government, especially under the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, has been working very hard over the years to get the people out of the clutches of poverty.

Kanowit MP Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang said these sacrifices had paid off for poverty level was now close to nil nationwide.

Speaking at GiatMara’s graduation ceremony for Central  Zone II here yesterday, Aaron opined that the 1Malaysia concept, which was introduced by the prime minister some four years ago, had helped bring about this positive result.

“Before, about 70 per cent of the people in Malaysia lived under the poverty line. Now, we can say zero or 0.1 per cent of the people live under the poverty line,”

he said.

“This was achieved as a result of the programmes carried out by the government through various departments and agencies, including GiatMara, in upgrading the life of the people.”

Aaron told those present that the 1Malaysia concept was also being used by the BN government to narrow the gap, in terms of the standard of living, between urban and rural people in its march to become a developed nation by the year 2020.

He said the government was well aware that it would be meaningless if this gap was wide.

“If we wanted to be a progressive nation, all strata of the people must be given attention so that all can enjoy the fruits of development.”

On the impending 13th general election, he said it was of paramount importance to the BN government to continue its struggles for the people.

“The government needs a strong mandate so as to be able to continue its struggles.”

Among those present were GiatMara coordinator (Central Zone II) Irwan Abdullah and Sibu Mara District officer Jemie Mencho.

A total of 135 trainees from GiatMaraSibu, Lanang, Selangau, Kanowit, Julau and Tanjung Manis received their certificates at the graduation ceremony.

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