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Suluk group: Proof of citizenship abuse

Tawau 8/11/2012: The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah is urged not to sideline information and evidence that have been published on the Internet.

Sabah Suluk Ethnic Group Association Secretary, Mohd Zaki Harry Susanto, said the RCI should not only use evidence in books and the mainstream media.

"Although the information and evidence on the Internet are often perceived as containing propaganda and defamatory, the materials that touch on the illegal immigrant issue have some truths and facts.

"Nowadays, the alternative media like blogsites have highlighted the issue especially in Sabah. The best part is that the blogs show concrete evidence in the form of documents, which show some kind of abuse in issuing of Malaysian citizenship to illegal immigrants who are now Malaysians," he said in a statement, Wednesday.

Hence, Mohd Zaki said the association hoped the RCI panel would not overlook the evidence that comes from the Internet as not all the information is false.

"If evidence from the Internet could facilitate the RCI investigation, then the materials should be used before RCI could suggest resolutions to address the perennial issue.

"Sabah Suluk Ethnic Group Association is a non-governmental organisation that supports the government and appreciates the establishment of the RCI.

"We are confident of the credibility of the RCI panel that was appointed and we believe the panel will discharge their duties, accordingly.

"We hope the investigation will cover not only the illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia but also from other countries like Pakistan, and China, among others.

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