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SMS about attacks on motorists mere rumour – police

KOTA KINABALU 15/11/2012: The public is advised not to be unduly alarmed by an SMS text, that has been widely circulated, about alleged attacks on motorists with a blade hidden with a name card by an unidentified individual.

City police chief Assistant Commissioner Jauteh Dikun said the text message is only a rumour and the public should not be afraid.

“Police have not received any report about such incident and we do not know where this SMS started, but police can confirm that at this moment it is only rumour,”

he said when contacted yesterday.

Jauteh however advised motorists to be careful and vigilant of their surroundings to avoid unwanted incident.

The text message warned the recipients not to wind down their vehicle windows when approached by a stranger who holds a name card and pretending to ask for direction.

It claimed that there is a blade hidden under the name card, with which the perpetrator would attack his victims and grab their belongings.

The SMS also claimed that six such incidents have been reported to the police.


‘SMS about attacks on motorists mere rumour’

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