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Locals, foreigners fight in village

KENINGAU 3/11/2012: Police are still investigating into a fight on Thursday night involving locals and foreigners in a village at Mile 6, Keningau-Sook road here.

A 23-year-old local man was seriously injured when he was slashed on his back in the fight which occurred at 11.30pm.

The man was admitted to Keningau Hospital and was reported to be in stable condition, district police chief DSP Robert Salisip @ David said at a news conference at district police headquarters here yesterday.

Pandemonium broke out between the two groups of people as a result of misunderstanding over a vehicle, driven by a foreigner, with its high beams on.

Robert said a 28-year-old local man drove off on his motorcycle from home at Kampung Suan and headed towards a sawmill stall to buy cigarettes.

He said the man went home after buying cigarettes.

But while on his way home a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction and its headlights were on full beams, Robert added.

“The motorcyclist honked several times at the approaching vehicle which was driven by a foreigner to direct his headlights downward.

“The motorcyclist got angry. He turned back and chased after the man right up to his house at Mile 6,” he said, adding that the duo got into an argument.

The duo’s heated argument attracted the attention residents from the area.

As the crowd got bigger, the motorcyclist drove off on his motorbike to his village and brought six of his friends to the vehicle driver’s house at Mile 6.

When they arrived at Mile 6, an argument resumed resulting in a chase after another, Robert said.

One of the motorcyclist’s friends was slashed with a sharp weapon on his back on the edge of the road, he said.

He said police had not made any arrest nor found the weapon used in the fight.

The victim could not identify the person who slashed him as it was dark at the time, he said.

Robert believed that more than ten people were involved in the fight and police were investigating the case under Section 324 of the Penal Code.

He said one of the community leaders of Kampung Suan lodged a report at 2.15am at the district police headquarters.

by Johan Aziz

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