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White sugar linked to cancer growth

KOTA KINABALU 18/10/2012: Malaysians should eat less white sugar as there is a proven link with cancer growth in humans.

Health consultant and lecturer Dr Sivakumar Kumaresan told The Borneo Post that it was actually a positive effort by the government when it announced the reduction in subsidy for sugar recently.

“Malaysians eat a lot of sugar. And we have a lot of hidden diabetics in Malaysia. We suffer what is known as metabolic imbalance and it is a precursor to diabetes,” he said.

He further explained that when a person had diabetes, his or her blood was rusting his or her entire organ.

“One way of looking at it is this; when you have a lot of sugar, you have a lot of rusting in your body. That is why we itch and that is why we need antioxidant to fight the oxidization process. I like sugar too, but I think we should eat less,” he said.

He also urged people to eat unprocessed food and to enhance their body capability to detox by drinking more water, exercise regularly and go for massage.

Additionally, he also encourages the consumption of a tablespoon of ghee and two tablespoon of virgin coconut oil daily which he describes as healthy oil.

“It is good to eat healthy oil because it helps the body trap the antioxidant,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Sivakumar will be sharing his experience during a workshop entitled “Deepening Your Personal Well-being on All Levels to Achieve Vibrant Health”, which will be held at the wellness conference on November 24 and 25 at Sabah Trade Centre.

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