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UMS mulls oil and gas school

LABUAN 14/10/2012: Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) will consider a suggestion by Labuan Corporation to set up a faculty of oil and gas and shipping at its Labuan Campus.

image UMS vice chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Mohd Harun Abdullah said this yesterday in response to the suggestion by Labuan Corporation deputy chief executive officer, Amir Onn Mustpha during the UMS-KAL Town Gown Program here yesterday.

“Oil and gas is an important field of studies and we will look into this matter including the facilities before we can open up the faculty at UMS, Labuan International Campus (UMS-KAL),” he said.

Amir earlier told the media that if UMS-KAL could start the oil and gas school here, students could go for their training and practical at several oil and gas companies here.

“These students can get a job in oil and gas sector here right after they finish their studies later.

“LC is also ready to help UMS-KAL in terms of facilities including land to help the campus to set up the school here,” he said.

He said Labuan Corporation gives to priority to oil and in further developing this island.

Meanwhile, Dr Mohd Harun said the 4th UMS-KAL Town Gown Parade from Labuan Public Library to the Dataran Labuan was expected to attract the interest from local people to study at UMS, while inspiring them to gain tertiary education.

In his speech, he said the programme was a symbolic ceremony to hand over the UMS-KAL graduates to the society to be part of the community which they will serve later.

“After 12 years since the setting up UMS-KAL here in this island, I believe that it has contributed a lot in several aspects to the people such as development in local economy, culture, population and others.

“We hope that the existence of UMS-KAL here will motivate the local community to get the best of education.

“It at least becomes an element of motivation for the parents to encourage their children to perform better in their university studies,” he said.

He added that UMS-KAL graduates should practise what they had learned and share their knowledge with the society.

Among those joining the parade were UMS board of directors, senate members, lecturers and UMS-KAL graduates.

Some 461 students from Labuan International Finance and Business School and 120 students from Labuan Informatics Science School will graduate this year.

Also present to the programme were UMS deputy vice chancellor (academic and international) Prof Dr Shariff Abdul Kadir Omang, UMS deputy vice chancellor (research and innovation), Prof Dr Sharil Yusof and the UMS-KAL director, Associate Prof Dr Ismail Ali.

by Adrian Nandu

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