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MCA Youth: Name election candidates early

21/10/2012: MCA Youth has urged the party to announce its candidates for the general election early and not at the last minute.

The wing's chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said this would give the party ample time to pacify those who were not chosen to contest.

He hoped the party would seek approval from the Barisan leadership for the early announcement.

“There is a need to pacify the ones not chosen and their supporters so they can help the party to win seats and not otherwise. It will be worse if they sabotage the candidates,”

he said at the opening of the MCA Youth 48th annual general assembly.

Dr Wee said the elections would determine the survival of the 63-year-old party, adding that those who sabotaged the party were traitors and must be sacked.

He said there was an urgent need to effectively address issues like crime, employment, housing and transportation.

“The people want to feel safe at home and outside their home, and they are not interested in crime statistics or accusations that the media is playing up the issue,” he said.

Dr Wee also suggested that the Government implement a “My First Car Campaign” for cars below 1600cc to give a RM5,000 tax exemption for those who bought their first car (new car); and special interest rate if the car was a used one.

On employment, he said the Government should organise a grand-scale exhibition on jobs for all levels twice a year.

To encourage youths to venture into business, he has proposed to the Government to give tax exemption for three years for companies set up by those aged below 35 years.


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