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Water theme park and region's largest duty free shop planned

Kota Kinabalu September 15, 2012: A water theme park with a floating stage for orchestral performances in the middle, the largest duty-free shop in South East Asia and an adventure park are among future projects to be developed at the Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP).

They would be built in the vicinity of the Karambunai resort area where there are lots of sea sports activities.

KKIP Land and Business Development Senior Manager Lawrence Kimkuan said the industrial zones within KKIP have all been fully developed and are ready to be taken up by investors.

So far, KKIP has managed to develop all of its 800 acres allocated for industrial purposes. It has also successfully developed other zones of the park into commercial and residential areas.

"Now, we are going to move into leisure and tourism aspect of the park.

Unfortunately, the State Government has yet to approve our application to develop this zone. But it is coming," said Kimkuan.

The zone in question has actually been gazetted for tourism.

However, KKIP still needs to gain approval from the State Government.

"We assure business owners that we are not going to compete with the existing businesses there with these future projects," said Kimkuan.

Meanwhile, KKIP Deputy Chief Executive Officer Melvin Disimond said KKIP is identifying niche industries that can be further developed.

"For example, from studies conducted recently, Sabah's food industry is the fastest growing in the State. The largest dairy farm in the country is in Sabah.

"Our niche may be in snack food. For instance, there is this snack food called Hari Hari which had already penetrated the market in West Malaysia," said Disimond.

The company that produced the snack recently bought a lot within KKIP since its factory in Kolombong could no longer cater to the space and production demands. "I found that Sabahan entrepreneurs like to be jack-of-all-trades. They want to do everything: agricultural, import-export, trading, contracting.

"But what they need to do is to sustain themselves into one specific industry and master it until they are successful," said Disimond.

He also explained that the State needs lots of logistics facilities and competent distributors if it wants to control prices of goods.

"The media always talks about cabotage policy but actually the key is to get a mainline operator in Sepanggar," said Disimond.

Until February this year, KKIP managed to rope in more than RM2 billion in investment.

More than 6,000 employees work in more than 200 companies within the park.


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  1. Mungkin dengan pembangunan ini juga akan menjadi tarikkan untuk KKIP pada akan datang.

  2. Semoga pelbagai usaha lagi dibuat untuk memastikan kerajaan akan dapat meningkatkan pendapatan Negeri Sabah ini.

  3. satu lagi tarikan buat para pelancong datang ke Sabah. sesuailah Masidi meminta peruntukan yang lebih untuk industri pelancongan.

    1. makin byk destinasi pelancongan di Sabah.

  4. Harap2 projek ni akan siap tepat pada masa yang ditetapkan.

  5. This would help to boost the tourism industry.

  6. Hopefully the project will be completed asap.

  7. It is a good thing to have the tourists coming to Sabah.

  8. The government is really trying its best to see things work out.

  9. This is a good start and a beginning level of development

  10. pastikan projek ini benar2 dapat dilaksanakan..

  11. CM Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman berkata Kerajaan Negeri akan terus merangka dasar dan prosedur yang menyokong persekitaran mesra perniagaan

  12. Sebagai negeri kedua terbesar di Malaysia, Ketua Menteri berkata terdapat peluang besar di Sabah terutamanya dalam pertanian, pelancongan dan pembuatan serta minyak dan gas.

  13. Datu Musa yang juga Menteri Kewangan berkata di bawah SDC, Sabah telah menggalakkan pertumbuhan ekonomi berdasarkan kekuatan kawasan-kawasan yang berlainan di negeri ini dan dengan memberi tumpuan kepada pengurusan sumber asli dan kemampanan alam sekitar yang betul.

  14. Sabah CM berkata Sabah adalah pengeluar terbesar minyak sawit mentah di Malaysia dan bahawa Kluster Perusahaan Minyak Sawit di pantai timur adalah satu wadah bagi negeri itu untuk menceburi bidang pemprosesan hiliran produk minyak sawit.

  15. Ketua Menteri menambah bahawa hospitaliti dan industri pelancongan adalah salah satu sektor utama yang menjana pendapatan.Sabah, katanya telah terbukti menjadi destinasi popular bagi kaum Cina.