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Student in India hurt after woman lands on him

Annie Sabrina LasuminNEW DELHI 26/09/2012: A Malaysian medical student who was injured in a suicide attempt by a woman in Mangalore is in stable condition, said Consul for Education and Training in Chennai Annie Sabrina Lasumin.

“He is stable but according to doctors, he has to undergo surgery. His neck bone is broken. His parents are by his side,” Annie said.

Penang-born Mohamed Mushain Mohd Mashur was injured by the woman who attempted suicide by jumping from the third floor of the Krishna Complex on MG Road in Mangalore on Monday.

sucice She landed on him and three of his friends Mohammed Shafik Shaffa'ee, Miur Zainul Arif and Mohammed Nadzrin Shah.

Mangalore Today News Network reported that the group was walking to their hostel in Bejai from the gym when the woman, identified as Vandana Prabhu, 31, and said to be mentally ill for the past three years, landed on them.

Mushain, who arrived in Mangalore two months ago to do his medical degree at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), was badly injured on the neck while the others escaped serious injuries.

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