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Mother drowns, son missing as boat hits rock

NABAWAN September 2, 2012: A wedding trip ended in tragedy when a mother drowned while her five-year-old son went missing when the boat they were travelling in crashed into a large rock in Logonggon River in the Pagalungan Sub-District here on Thursday night.

Disclosing the 8.20pm tragedy here yesterday, Keningau district police chief, DSP Robert Salisip @ David said it happened when the mother and son were among a family of seven adults and children from Kampung Salung on the way to Kampung Inaka in Pagalungan to attend a wedding.

“As they were travelling in the Logonggon River, the boat broke apart and sank after hitting a rock,”

he said.

The woman and her son were swept away by strong currents while the other five managed to swim to the river bank, Robert said.

Robert said villagers later found the woman’s body, about eight kilometers from where the boat sank, while search and rescue effort involving the police, Fire and Rescue Department,and villagers continued yesterday.

It was dark at the time of the tragedy and it was that the boatman was inexperienced, he said.

Robert said the river was swollen with strong currents due to persistent rain but had not yet reached a level that could cause a big flood.

by Johan Aziz

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Dept calls off search for missing person

RANAU September 2, 2012: The search and rescue operation to locate the last missing person feared drown in Kangairan River was called off on Friday.

The victim, Marudin Limboy, 40, was among nine people who were swept away by swift currents while crossing the river in a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle at around 7pm on Aug 25.

Seven others however swam to safety while the body of a three-year-old infant, Elsey Charles, was found five days later, about 40 metres from where she was last seen.

Sabah Fire and Rescue Department public relations officer, Mohd Affendi K Ramin said that although the search had been called off, they would remain on alert should the body be found.

In the incident, it was learned that the vehicle transporting the nine people had to stop in the middle of the shallow river to allow a vehicle coming from the opposite direction to drive up the river bank.

However, the vehicle was swept away by currents.

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  1. Condolence to the family members of the two victims, hope that the missing son is able to be rediscovered.

  2. Hope that the Sabah Fire and Rescue Department will continue to keep their eye out on any missing bodies.

  3. takziah kepada keluarga mangsa.. kes sungai di sabah meragut nyawa bukanlah sesuatu yang baru.. sudah banyak kes seperti ini berlaku lebih2 lagi waktu hujan..

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  4. Malang tidak berbau.takziah kepada keluarga mangsa.