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Local’s document application via foreigner baffling – NGO chief

Wan Limbisah showing a clipping of the news article that was published in a local newspaper.

KOTA KINABALU September 9, 2012: An association chief has expressed puzzle as to why the locals have to apply for birth certificates and MyKads through a foreigner and not through the relevant departments.

Chairperson of Persatuan Pekedai Pekan Baru Koidupan, Wan Limbisah Wan Mohammad, asked why a local man had to apply for birth certificates and MyKads for his children through a foreigner if he could get them done through the government departments.

Wan Limbisah was commenting on a police report lodged against a man holding a foreign passport and MyKad that was published in a local newspaper, yesterday.

The report claimed that a 42-year-old local man and two others had lodged separate police reports against a Pakistani man who allegedly holds a Pakistan-issued passport and a MyKad, and could assist in the registration of birth certificates and MyKads.

“I am puzzled as to why these local people have to seek assistance from the Pakistani. Is there no other way for us locals to get proper documents from the relevant departments?” she asked.

“This issue should be viewed seriously because it is an offence for not obtaining documents from the proper channel,” she said when met yesterday.

Wan Limbisah also said she felt suspicious over the report made by the local man who claimed to be married to a foreign national and claimed to have been trying to get proper documents for his children and had to wait for years for a positive reply but to no avail, therefore choosing to seek help from the Pakistani man.

She added that the local man should apply through the proper channel and not choose the easy way out as he had apparently done to obtain the birth certificates and MyKads for his children.

As a non-governmental organization (NGO) chief, Wan Limbisah hoped the relevant authorities would take this matter seriously because it is a very sensitive issue, especially to the people of Sabah.

Meanwhile, Wan Limbisah hoped the relevant authorities would carry out more operations against foreigners who are staying in the country without valid documents.

She said the authorities should also carry out inspections of premises owned and run by foreigners such as Pakistanis, Indonesians and Filipinos and check if they actually hold valid documents and are permitted to work or start a business in the country.

“The government has announced the setting up of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the issue of illegal immigrants in the state and it should be dealt in a transparent manner for the people of Sabah,” she said.

by Elton Gomes

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  1. More than 500,000 Malaysians have yet to collect their MyKad from the National Registration Department and their apathy may result in unexpected problems.

  2. Those who apply to upgrade their MyKad to the new version can still use their existing cards while those whose cards are lost or damaged are issued with temporary MyKad.

  3. JPN membuka ruang untuk semua pihak yang mempunyai mykad lama untuk ditukar.

    1. tukarlah kepada mykad baru.

  4. Pastikan warga asing yang mendapat kelayakkan ini mengikut cara yang sah dan memenuhi syarat yang telah ditetapkan .

  5. tolong la siasat kenapa orang tempatan ini memohon sijil lahir dari warga pakistan.. timbulkan persoalan di media tidak akan menjawab persoalan ini..

  6. ingat semua ada dijual dikedai runcit pakistan? sampaikan sijil lahir pun minta dengan mereka?