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DAP shocked to learn only RM13m allocated for Mamut rehab work

Kota Kinabalu August 22, 2012: DAP National Adviser Lim Kit Siang who is on a four-day visit to Sabah, visited the former Mamut Copper Mine to see the damage inflicted on the land.

In a statement, DAP Sabah Secretary Dr Edwin Bosi said the mining activity from 1975 to 1994 had produced about RM3.4 billion worth of copper, gold and silver with royalty earned to a tune of only RM200 million.

Lim, he said, was shocked to learn that only RM13 million was allocated for rehabilitation work.

Lim also asked the government what happened to the promises of a world class university, organic farming and tourism resort in the Mamut Copper Mine.

This is just one example of promises not been fulfilled which is contrary to the government's Malaysia Day slogan, he said.

On Aug 19, in Kg. Masangkong, Matunggong and Kg. Kiaburi in Ranau, Lim addressed a crowd of 200 and 500 people respectively which was also attended by Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap at Kg. Masangkong.

At these functions, he said the crime rate and corruption have continued to escalate.

"Illegal immigrants which is the mother of all problems in Sabah has never been tackled wholeheartedly, I have said in 1972 that Sabah will be facing a problem of illegal immigrants.

"That year it was only 140, 000 illegal immigrants, but today it is believed to reach between 1.5 to 2 million," he said.

Lim reminded the people that the RCI on illegal immigrants would not go far as the government has no interest to tackle and resolve the issue.

Only a Pakatan Rakyat Federal government will resolve this problem amicably, he stressed.

The other problem compounding Sabah is infrastructure, Lim said, pointing out that after 49 years of independence the people in Sabah continue to experience bad roads, poor water or no water supply and erratic electricity supply. He said that if BN government is a caring one these problems will not be faced by the people.

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