Khamis, Ogos 23, 2012


Bugis group to spread wings

Labuan July 22, 2012: Persatuan Bugis Rumpun Malaysia (PBRM) is spreading its wings throughout the peninsula as many of the community members have migrated there.

Its President, Samsul Alang, said so far, they have nearly 14,000 members throughout the nation, although the association is just seven months old, because of the full support it received through its aggressive nationwide campaign.

Presently, the association is processing another 3,000 membership applications, he said in a statement Saturday.

The association already has branches throughout the districts in Sabah, Terengganu, Kedah, Perak and Johor, while in Selangor, 21 branches.

In Labuan, so far, it has 300 members.

Although PBRM is not political-based or an association meant to compete with other associations and only meant to equip and fight for the interest of the community, Samsul, who is formerly Tawau Umno Youth chief, said there is a possibility that the association with its strong membership would assist Barisan Nasional in the coming general election.

He said the association is also not meant to act as a platform to get political support or as a stepping stone for him to become an election candidate.

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