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Petronas organises vendor hands-on training

KOTA KINABALU 6th July, 2012: A total of 32 Sabah companies were invited for a vendor hands-on training held by Petronas here from June 25 to 28, 2012.

The programme, organised by the Licensing & Registration Section of Petronas’ Group Supply Chain & Management, aimed to equip its Sabah vendors with the knowledge and know-how on Petronas’ new licensing and registration system as well as the other modules within it.

The training, which was held at Menara Petronas here, was conducted in two sessions; the first was the “procure-to-pay” (PTP) session on June 25 and 26, and the licensing and registration session on June 27 and 28.

These sessions provided a platform for the Petronas’ vendors to enquire and clarify matters on the new system, where much of the interaction was conducted on a one-to-one basis to provide better clarity of Petronas’ requirements and processes.

The participants lauded the effort by Petronas and were largely satisfied with the content of the training and the way it was conducted.

Mathivin Martin, 30, executive director of Casa Evolusi Sdn Bhd found the new system helpful after the training.

“Petronas’ new system is more convenient, easy to monitor, and less time is needed as most of the procedures have been computerised with less paperwork,” he said.

“The sessions have given us a clearer understanding on not just the new system but more importantly on its procedures and requirements,” said Haleem Shah Ajaz Ahmad, 28, managing director of Kujyari Corporation Sdn Bhd, who shared the same view.

“The face-to-face interaction with the trainers was especially helpful as they answered and explained our queries point by point,” he added, while looking forward to more training to be conducted by Petronas.

Since the introduction of its new licensing and registration system in January this year, Petronas has rolled out a series of vendor hands-on training at several locations around Malaysia to ensure every single vendor is well equipped to handle the new system and able to perform their tasks more efficiently in both areas of licensing and PTP.


RM112b major SDC projects so far

“As of June 30 this year, the amount of planned and committed investment since the launch of SDC in January 2008 has reachedRM112.8 billion,”

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman

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  1. Hope that the 32 companies that was given the opportunity to join the vendor hands-on training will do their best to absorb all the knowledge presented to them.

  2. Good to hear the new system is more improved for convenience, efficient and require less paperwork.

  3. Semoga Petronas akan memberikan peluang kepada penduduk tempatan Sabah dalam apa projek yang ada di Neger ini.

    1. penduduk tempatan harus mendapat manfaat dari petronas. beri mereka peluang.

    2. Borneosasi harus diteruskan. Harap Petronas pun mengutamakan penduduk Sabah.

  4. Latihan dan kemahiran perlu diperbanyakkan dan akhirnya biar rakyat yang akan tentukan hasilnya.

    1. Sabah memerlukan tenaga mahir dalam industri minyak dan gas. Usaha kerajaan dalam hal ni memang bagus.

  5. any opportunities related to oil and gas should be grabbed by Sabahan or local sabahan companies..