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Hunter succumbs to gunshot injuriesimage HOMEMADE GUN: The bakakuk and bullets that were found next to the victim’s body.

KOTA MARUDU June 26, 2012: A 59-year-old man died after he was accidentally shot by his own homemade gun (bakakuk) while hunting in the jungle at Kampung Bulud Batu, Pitas here on Saturday.

The body of Medal @ Maidar Mandut was found with gunshot wounds on his chest and neck by family members around 6.30pm.

District police chief DSP Mohd Isa Yusof said police investigation revealed that the victim had gone into the jungle alone to hunt around 3pm on June 23.

As the victim did not return home, family members then went to look for him and found the body in a pool of blood under a tree.

“Initial police investigation believed the victim fell from the tree with the weapon which then accidentally fired, hitting the victim on his chest and neck.

“Police also found a homemade gun (bakakuk), some bullets and a bullet casing about two feet from the victim’s body,” he said yesterday.

The victim’s body was taken to the Pitas hospital for a post-mortem.

Mohd Isa advised licensed gun owners not to sell or give any bullets to bakakuk owners.

He said such act is against the law and police would not hesitate to take action against these owners.

He also urged the public to provide information to the police on those who own illegal firearms or homemade guns.


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