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The Daim Interview

The Daim interview- carried by Utusan, China Press, Sun and maybe others which I have not read were lapped up as life changing phenomena and a just in time reprieve for BN. This attitude was a far cry from the treatment Daim got when he gave his predictions on the 2008 elections. Then he was assailed in the most denigrating terms- a past shelf life politician, irrelevant, even senile.

So recently, when Daim consented to be interviewed- I presumed at the 9th floor of his office somewhere in KL- the interview as with the man, were treated worshipfully. It’s like the BN was waiting for the great witch doctor or great shaman to come out with something uplifting.

So Daim did the customary thing. He cut up a chicken and let the entrails smatter on the floor below the office building. He owns the building anyway. His faithful Mei Chuan would then have to ask the workers below to clean up the mess. Daim would be cursing because then he would have to pay some overtime fees to the workers below.

The entrails quickly formed a pattern for the reporters to see. As the question to whether Najib did right over his transformation plans- Najib got an A ++. On whether Selangor can be captured- the entrails said possible because so many Kampucheans usually residing in Pekan had their addresses transplanted in Selangor and were given immediate ICs. The entrails also revealed some many caveats and preconditions to whatever questions the reporters posed. But these, like in all previous interviews were largely ignored. They wanted to hear only nice things.

Here is the thing. The reporters get to see Daim maybe once a year. They don’t have the feel on Daim’s thinking. If readers remember, a few weeks ago, I write an article entitled That Saturday with the Oracle. I get to see the Oracle on average once a month. The oracle is Daim’s alter ego and what he says reflects what the Man is thinking.

What I am saying, it’s stupid if the reporters spun what Daim said just from one annual interview. They can’t detect his nuances, his thought flows and subtle messages.

I wrote the article with a specific purpose- to preempt whatever lies and spins that are going to be published by the MSM. So I quickly repeated what the Oracle said was Daim’s thinking on the politics of East Malaysia. Why East Malaysia? Because the BN seems to be stuck with the idea that East Malaysia is their mother lode- and a fixed deposit. They don’t know that if the East Malaysians have their way, they would rather kick the ass of Semanjung people out of Sabah and Sarawak. So before the MSM do some blatant lies I repeated what Daim thought is going to happen in East Malaysia.

In Sarawak, the BN may lose up to 16 parliamentary seats and in Sabah up to 12. Both the great helmsmen in Sabah and Sarawak have grown weary of Najib’s double face dealing. The wife does her thing to mollycoddle Musa Aman, while Najib strokes ShapieBedal Apdal. So Musa Aman is taking what Najib says at face value only and has come to realize that he can continue ruling Sabah even not on BN ticket. He may be the very person behind the moves taken by Lajim Ukin.

In Sarawak, the great Pek Moh knows he absolutely doesn’t need UMNO to win the state. He proved that in the last elections by winning all the seats contested by his party, something which UMNO cannot achieve. He knows full well, he can win Sarawak on his own and here is the fearsome thing- as he can win Sarwak, he can also take his party out of BN. he has said privately- we will see who is going to retire first- referring to Najib’s various very public and arm twisting exhortations asking Taib Mahmud to go.

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