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Get your facts right on Desa Cattle farm, Harris told

KOTA KINABALU Dec 2, 2011: Tan Sri Harris Salleh should first check his facts before accusing PBS of selling Desa Cattle (S) Sdn Bhd, including its ranch in Australia.

PBS secretary-general Datuk Henrynus Amin in a statement yesterday, said based on his findings the Desa Cattle farm was in fact privatized through a management-by-out (MBO) long after PBS handed over power to Barisan Nasional in 1994.

He said: “I would agree with Tan Sri Harris Salleh that the relevant state ministry should elaborate on the reasons or circumstances leading to the sale of the state asset, but I am puzzled as to the real motive of the press report attributed to Tan Sri Harris Salleh by a reporter which said, ‘Desa Cattle farm, one of Sabah’s most prized assets, was sold by the PBS government when it was in power’.”

He said PBS understands and even supports Harris’ efforts and passions to promote rural agriculture but he sees nothing to gain for the former Chief Minister to go round spreading lies or discrediting PBS to justify his rule, 26 years after Berjaya’s defeat in 1985.

He said: “Whether or not Tan Sri Harris Salleh indeed made the statement as reported, PBS is demanding the facts to be corrected.”


DESA CATTLE FARM (Austarlia Northern Territory) HISTORY

Montejinni Property History

Land size : 309,294ha

Montejinni was originally part of Victoria River Downs, which was first taken up in the 1870’s. During the drought of the 1950’s, Montejinni was one of three blocks cut off Victoria River Downs and put up for ballot, along with Camfield and Killarney. Bill Tapp and Bill Crowson balloted for and won Montejinni. Bill Tapp later sold his share to Bill Crowson. Then towards the end of the 1970’s, Crowson sold Montejinni to Charlie Henderson and Gus Tripp. In 1982, Montejinni changed hands again when it was bought by Desa Cattle Company, who also bought Camfield. During this period around twenty bores were sunk and equipped and an extensive fencing program was undertaken in compliance with the BTEC program. In 1998, Desa sold Montejinni and Camfield to Tejas Land and Cattle Company of America, and in 2004, the properties were sold to the AA Company.

Camfield Property History

Land size : 276,900ha

Camfield was originally part of Victoria River Downs which was first taken up in the 1870s. During the drought of the 1950s, Camfield was one of three blocks cut off VRD (along with Montejinni and Killarney) and put up for ballot. Paul Vanderleer drew Camfield Station. In 1982, Camfield (and Montejinni) were sold to the Desa Cattle Company. In 1998, Desa sold the properties to Tejas Land and Cattle Company of America, and in December 2004, they were bought by AA Company.

Delamere Property History

Land size : 300,300ha

Delamere (initially known as Glencoe) was the second Northern Territory pastoral lease to be assigned in 1878, the first being Springvale on the Katherine River. The first cattle to reach Glencoe were 1,200 breeders from near Aramac in the charge of Nat ‘Bluey’ Buchanan. Soon after, Glencoe was acquired by Fisher and Lyons who held the vast Victoria River Downs lease. They gave Buchanan the job of droving 20,000 cattle from Queensland to their Northern Territory runs. Delamere changed hands several times and in 2002 was bought from the Desa Cattle Company by Tejas Land and Cattle Company of America. In December 2004, Delamere, along with Montejinni and Camfield, were bought by the AA Company.

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