Rabu, Jun 15, 2011


Maid Witnesses Employer Chased By Parang-wielding Man

SHAH ALAM, June 14 (Bernama) -- Just minutes before he was found dead inside a temple in Kampung Perepat, Kapar, Klang, here last night, Datuk R. Anbalagan's Indonesian maid witnessed her employer being chased by a parang-wielding man.

The suspect, an Indian national, escaped in the victim's four-wheel-drive vehicle with 800 grammes of jewellery but was arrested by police at 10am Tuesday.

The maid, Siti Aminah Mohd Amran, 26, said her employer had taken her to one of his houses in front of the temple at about 3.15pm yesterday to make preparations for some prayers.

The house was occupied by three of Anbalagan's workers, one of whom was the suspect.

According to Siti Aminah, the incident took place about 9.30 last night as they were preparing to head back to Shah Alam.

She said she was waiting by the four-wheel-drive vehicle when she saw Anbalagan running out of the house, chased by the parang-wielding suspect. Both men ran into the temple, she added, and soon after the suspect came out covered with blood and drove off in the victim's vehicle.

She found Anbalagan sprawled in the temple with slash wounds on his back, she said.

Anbalagan leaves a wife, Datin A.Thelagam, 48, also a lawyer, and a daughter, A.Srianantha Valli, 11. Datin Thelagam said she was still in shock over her husband's death and was later seen being consoled by family and friends.

Anbalagan's remains arrived in Shah Alam about 4.30 this evening and will be cremated at the Nirvana Memorial Park, Section 21, here, tomorrow afternoon.

Present to pay their last respects were lawyer Datuk Salehuddin Saidin and Kota Raja assemblyman and lawyer M. Manoharan.

North Klang police chief Supt Mohamad Shukor Sulong when contacted, confirmed that the suspect, 26, was picked up at an oil palm plantation in Jalan Bukit Kapar, Klang this morning.

Also discovered were the machete believed to have been used in the incident and all the stolen jewellery, he said.

Police are investigating the motive for the killing.

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  1. Harap hukuman akan dijatuhkan kepada semua penjenayah.

  2. Memang sedih melihat kadar jenayah semakin meningkat di negeri kita.

  3. apa yang menarik minat saya adalah, suspek pembunuhan peguam tersebut adalah pekerjanya sendiri. jadi, apa motif mereka sebenarnya...

  4. Apa motif mendiang Anbalagan dibunuh?

  5. Sekarang nyawa sudah macam tiada nilai. Orang sanggup membunuh tanpa rasa belas kasihan. Harap pembunuh itu dikenakan hukuman yang sepatutnya.

  6. harap kes ini akan diselesaikan dan penjenayah tersebut akan dikenakan hukuman yang berat.

  7. Condolence to the family of late Anbalagan.

  8. jenayah pembunuhan makin menjadi-jadi kini.

  9. Bahayanya. Harap rakyat Sabah akan berhati-hati kerana kadar jenayah semakin meningkat.